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selection techniques - how to select a surface feature instead of face

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

Hi all,


Say you want to select a surface feature for an offset.  The default selection is the face you pick on.  I could select each face individually, but I want to ensure that the offset lives through any changes to the original surf - so that if the number of faces changes, the offset won't fail.  How can I select the whole feature to offset it instead of just the individual faces?


Are there shortcuts in SWX to change the type of element that gets selected? 


RMB>select other> pick the feature -  is one (that I use)

I would imagine the "selection filter" could help...?  but I have yet to learn how to use that tool.  (any advice on this tool?)

Any others?

What do you use that is fast and easy?


Oh, why am I whining, you ask?  Because there are such a great many things in SWX that significantly increase my productivity compared to that other CAD package I used to use, but this one thing really tears down a lot of that increase.    I am imagining that SolidWorks did not let that little thing escape, I just haven't found the answer yet.  Hopefully my imagination is not overactive and you will show me what I am missing.