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Since which version we can create Points, Surfaces and Volumes in Flow Simulation Model for Parameters post-processing AFTER the computations have been completed?

Question asked by Boyko Tchavdarov on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Amit Katz

I did the following test. I read a result file (even an old one,  created by 2012) by the


same model saved in SW2015 but a post-processing volume was added to the SW2015 in


order to  obtain Surface Parameters on one of its face. I was surprised to see that SW2015


was able to obtain the Surface Parameters from a result file )soemthing which SW2012 cannot)  which was obtained without the


post-processing volume to be in the model prior the computations (and even the result file was old). This raised the


following questions:




1. Can we post-process Parameters (point, surface, volume) in pure post-processing scenario


when the entities carrying the Parameters were created after the computation is done (if it is


an additional volume it should be disable not to modify the computational domain) - it looks like we can?




2. Can we use a surface, instead of creating a volume for Surface Parameters and if yes,


should we create the Surface prior the computations or we can created it after the


computations have completed (pure post-processing surface scenario)?




If 1) or 2) are new capabilities ( neither of those work in SW2012)  since when they were


implemented? - I have missed to noticed such post-processing enhancement.



Thank you !