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    Change File Reference Within Specific Drawing View

    Tyler Olney

      Hello all,


      I have a manufacturing drawing that I have put together.  Within one of the sheets, I have 5 different views.  4 of these (Drawing Views 1 ÷ 4) reference what we'll call, "Part-A," and the final view (Drawing View 5) has reference to (linked to) "Part-B."  Somewhere along the line, I had somehow mistakenly changed the Drawing View 5 to be linked to Part-A when it is in fact to be referenced to Part-B.  I understand "References" when you open the overall drawing and it shows the different things in there.  But seeing that only one view was referenced to Part-B and it no longer is...It doesn't show any longer.


      I feel like I've made this more complicated than it really is.  How can I change the reference link to a specific drawing view and not the entire drawing?  This is an assembly drawing on the sheet in question for reference...


      The reason I am going through this, is I have added quite a bit of notation, sketches, etc. to this specific view.  Short of starting this all over in this specific view (no!)....