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Seal Leakage Simulation

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by Alessandro Tornincasa


I've perfomed a non linear simulation of a valve seal compression.

These are the results.

Before compression:


after compression:



Suppose there's a fluid leak on the right side, as shown in this picture:


This is what will happen:

  1. fluid will enter the seat
  2. it will apply pressure to the seat and the rubber seal
  3. seal will deform and change its shape
  4. more zones of the seal (anche the seat) will be subject to pressure
  5. pressure will deform the seal
  6. new seal shape will determine new pressure distribution


Is there any way to simulate this with non linear analisys ?

the big problem here is that you don't know in advance what regions/faces of the seal will be pushed by fluid pressure and also seal deformation changes faces/regions that are subject to fluid pressure.