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    Iterate sketches in a part or assembly in a drawing view

    Eric Snyder

      I have a task that I want to automate. My issue is understanding what classes to use in the API to accomplish what I want.


      I would like to make a macro that takes the current sheet/current view and iterate all the parts or assemblies iterative and show all sketches that have a certain text in the name of the sketch.


      Sheet 1

      -Drawing View 27

      --Assy 1

      ---Part 1

      ---Part 2

      ---Part 3

      ---Assy 1

      ----Part 34

      ----Part 78


      I want any sketch in:

      Assy 1

      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3

      Assy 1

      Part 34

      Part 78


      That has "some text" in the name to change to "show".


      What classes would I iterate to achieve what I need?