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    Add number of 3d points on sketch segment at equal interval;

    Sushil Chaskar


        Is there any way by which I can add a number of 3d points on sketch segment of 3dsketch using api ?

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          Sean Phillips

          SolidWorks API Help

          GetTessPts Method (ICurve)


          Gets a set of points that represent the tessellation of this curve.


          Function GetTessPts( _

             ByVal ChordTolerance As System.Double, _

             ByVal LengthTolerance As System.Double, _

             ByVal StartPoint As System.Object, _

             ByVal EndPoint As System.Object _

          ) As System.Object




          Chord tolerance to use in tessellation (meters); this is the maximum permitted distance from a cord to the curve between the cord endpoints; the smallest allowable value for this parameter is 1E-8; if 0.0 or a value smaller than 1E-8 is specified, then 1E-8 is used by default

          Length tolerance to be used to filter out very short segments (meters); this method does not return tessellated segments shorter than this value
          Array containing the start point of the curve
          Array containing the end point of the curve

          Return Value

          Array of doubles containing the tessellation points (see Remarks)



          The array returned contains the x, y, z location of the tessellation points:

          [ x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, ... ]