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    dimension precision difference

    Jared Andrews

      Recently when i have been starting a new file (slddrw,sldprt) it starts using a .xx precision on linear dims over what i have set in my document template (drwdot, prtdot)

      i am not sure why but it seems to be getting 2 different pieces of info. i have not saved the dot files recently ...


      precision 2.JPG

      precision 1.JPG

        • Re: dimension precision difference
          Jamil Snead

          You are right, the same info is pulled from 2 different spots. I think the drawing uses the precision saved in the "Dimensions" area of the document properties. You can change that one and the drawing will update accordingly. I notice that when you change the precision in the "Units" area of the document properties it will update the precision in the "Dimensions" area and therefore also update the drawing. But changing it in the "Dimensions" area does not update it in the "Units" area.


          I have no idea why they put that same thing in 2 places.