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Trouble with making robust fixture and jig assemblies.

Question asked by Evan Dlugopolski on Jul 14, 2014

Hello all,


Does anyone have any tips or good methods for making robust assemblies specifically when it comes to weld fixture or jig design?  I am constantly running into issues with rebuild errors, features and sketches loosing their definition, etc. 


My current method is as follows:


1. Insert customer welment assembly into an assembly file

2. Use insert components>new part to insert fixture parts (base plate, blocks, etc.) 

3. Use weldment part geometry to define fixture part locations (like blocks, pins, clamps etc)

4. Use assembly features>hole series to put in holes for bolts and dowel pins to locate blocks and other fixture parts

5. Save all virtual components to external files

6. Form subassembly with all the fixture parts that I created.  (this usually causes some issues but I can usually delete/add mates and eliminate any initial errors)


I know a lot of the things I do are probably terrible practice but I just haven't ever been taught the correct way to make durable assemblies.  Please help!



P.S. If anyone would like me to make up an example assembly using my method to better understand how I do things let me know.