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Verification on Rebuild - Features Fail after Certain Feature

Question asked by Mason Morton on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by Mason Morton

I've been working with Verification on Rebuild turned off. An engineer opened my part (with VOR on) and found the part had a lot of failed features toward the end of the tree. I went back to do some imvestigating to try and fix this thinking the part may have some bad geometry. I wasn't able to add a simple extrusion to the part so I started rolling the part back until I could. I found the culprit to be a fillet feature. Visually inspecting the fillets/rounds created by the feature, I found nothing suspicious. The feature didn't have any warnings either. No faces, edges or vertices related to the feature turned up errors in Geometry Analysis.


Has anyone ran into this before? Sorry, I can't share the part. As you can see, if I drag the Boss-Extrude70 to before Fillet265 it won't fail. Lower pics show the fillet itself (before and after adding fillet).



Capture 2.JPG

Before Fillet.JPG


After Fillet.JPG