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    Unique files only in PDMWE

    Tim Turpin
      Where is option for 'unique file names' in the PDMWE Admin. Currently a file can be in the vault in more than one folder, not desired. Saw this option earlier, can't locate now.

      Thanks, Tim...
        • Unique files only in PDMWE
          Rod Levin
          You can find directions on how to set it up on page 174 of thePDMWE 2007 Installation guide. It is a PDF file that is in theinstallation set.

          This is not just a check box, there are some steps that need to befollowed. We have done this for one of our customers and it doeswork. This is one of those things you will want to practice on atest database and make sure you have a good backup before doing iton the live system.

          The instructions are below, but the illustrations in the manual adda lot to make it easier to understand.

          ------------------------ Clip from the manual------------------
          It is possible toenable unique filename check for a file vault. Once enabled, userwill not be allowed to check in 2 or more files if they have thesame file name.

          The unique file name check will trigger when using the followingcommands:
          . Initial check in/undo check out
          . Rename
          . Recover (from deleted files)

          NOTE!: This option is global for the entire file vault and appliesto all file types stored within it. Be careful when activating itif you plan on supporting multiple files having the same name indifferent folder structures for example - if so it is recommendedto utilize file templates to handle unique file naming.

          Please make a backup of the file vault database before enabling theunique check.

          To enable unique filename check:

          1. Start SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL server that shouldhost the new Democrats databases by selecting Start, Programs,Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Management Studio. Log in asa system administrator

          2. Expand Databases. Right-click on the file vault database andselect New Query.

          3. Enter the following query statement in the script window andpress Execute. (You only need to do this one time):

              AlterFunction fnGloballyUniqueFileNames()
                  Returns Bit
                  Return 1

          4. Close SQL Management studio.

          5. From now on, whenever a user for example tries to check in afile having a non-unique file name, a warning will show in thecheck in dialog.

          To disable unique filename check:

          1. Run the following SQL query to disable the unique filename checkif it has been enabled:

               Alter FunctionfnGloballyUniqueFileNames()
              Returns Bit
              Return 0