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How to apply a Boundary condition as per d ballast attached to structure

Question asked by Devi Prasad Samal on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello Simulation experts,


I have a question and indeed would be gratefull if some one can shed some light on it.


I am working on a structure, which is at the top location, has a vertical as well as sidewise loading. My problem is how to restrict defection in the structure as the base is not fixed by any bolting. it is standing with its 4 legs and a ballast load(heavy mass) is tied to it and rested in the ground to stop the movement to lateral side. Ballast is tied with ropes and are in tension, so as to stop the  movement of structure.


Now my question is if I dont apply a restarint(displacement =0) with advance fixture in side wise direction it is moving freely due to side wise loading at the top and gone in to large deflection. if I stop the movement with restraints it doesnot give me the real scenario. So how to apply ballast loading which is of 5 tonne to the strcuture and stop the movement due to loading condition.


I am thinking of applying springs so as to apply ballast tension. but the problem is I dont need all the tension of the ballast in the structure as it is not hanged on to the beams. please have a look at the image and let me know if any have the answer.ballast.jpg