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Decreased Solidworks Simulation Solve Time

Question asked by Michael Voet on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Shaun Densberger

Hello all,

Im currently working on a project for a class that requires simulations of assemblies but the simulations are taking a long time.  As in excess of 5 hours long time.

Im solving things with in excess of 62,000 DOF.

Is there anyway to make the simulations run faster?

I feel like there ishould be a way to allow solidworks to utilize the full potential of my system.


My specs:


Intel i7-3770

Dual AMD 7770 2GB


2 x 128 GB OCZ SSD

Corsair 850W PSU



I have increased the virtual memory of the system to over 10GB on the SSD's in hopes that soildworks will utilize it, and it does but only for half of the simulation.


Any suggestions?