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    Section Modulus

    Lakhvinder Singh



      I am trying to calculation the Principal Moments of Inertia of a section. But when I click on the section, the Principal MoI is calculated about the centroid of the section by SolidWorks (please see attached).

      But I need to calculate the Principal MoI according to X and Y axis as shown. I even tried to make a new coordinate system, but the Principal MoI does not change. Any advice on how can I accomplish this? In the end, I just need to calculate the Section Modulus with respect to X and Y axis.





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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't know how SolidWorks handles this question, but I would go back to my textbook and use the parallel axis theorem.




          Izz= the moment around the axis that you want

          Io=the moment of the section about it centroid.

          A=area of section

          d=distance from axis to centroid


          Jerry S.