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    Questions about making screw holes

    hajime hajime



      I have some questions about making holes for the screws.


      I got some 3rd party 2D CAD drawings that I would like to reproduce in 3D in SolidWorks. In those dawings, they have:


      1. M2 TAP DP4.0 P.C.D [greek symbol phi 16]

      2. M2 TAP THRU P.C.D [greek symbol phi 16]

      3. greek symbol phy 2.1 HOLE THRU


      Q1: What is the difference between 1 and 2? I don't know what DP, P.C.D are.


      Q2: In Hole Wizard in SolidWorks EDU 2013-14, under ANSI Metric and Dowel Holes, there is a list of phi values but I cannot find phi 16 and phi 2.1. When I chose Drill Sizes, I found them. What is the different between Dowel Holes and Drill sizes? Can't find the explainations in:



      Should I use Drill sizes in this case?


      Q3: How to make holes for M2 and M2.5 screws? I tried different standards but I cannot find M2 and M2.5.