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    Assertion failure error

    Travis Conrad

      Hello everyone,


      Have been demoing the flow sim package and have had no issues running about 10 different sims so far. All of the sudden, I'm getting a C++ runtime library error that causes solidworks to crash no matter what option I select (Retry, Ignore, Abort).


      I have attached a screenshot of the error.


      Has anyone run into this / know of a solution? I have tried reinstalling, running SP 4.0.


      Thank you

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          Alessandro Tornincasa

          Hmm, not good.

          I would check your event log and look for errors on .NET Framework.

          If you find any errors, then there's some damage on SolidWorks Pre.requisite components.


          In SolidWorks knowledge base there's an articile explaining the procedure to reinstall SolidWorks and all of its pre-requisites.


          Good luck.





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            Jared Conway

            1. what causes the assertion error?

            2. any changes to the system? even windows updates...etc

            3. what is the H drive?


            before you go through a full uninstall/reinstall, i'd try a repair on solidworks

            then uninstall/reinstall the pre-recs like alex suggested


            but before doing any of that, i'd try and narrow down potential causes. just using software won't cause it to "go bad"


            i'm also assuming you've tried standard troubleshooting like rebooting the computer, potentially restoring and/or using msconfig to disable startup programs

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                Travis Conrad

                1.The assertion error only happens when I go to rebuild the sim before running it. I load a previous simulation and everything looks okay but as soon as I hit rebuild I get the error.


                2. In terms of changes, nothing except updates but I feel that shouldn't be causing a problem. If so, what does that say about the quality of the original code?


                3. You're guess is as good as mine! This has happened before but updating to the most recent service pack usually fixes it. This time, I am not so lucky. I will try to repair and see what that does.


                Can either of you provide a link in regards to installing the pre-recs? I'm not sure what that entails.


                Thanks for your help!

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                    Jared Conway

                    1. what do you mean by rebuild? flow simulation rebuild? or solidworks rebuild like CTRL-R/CTRL-Q?

                    2. not sure how you equate quality of a code to it's ability to work when a change is introduced. this is where a repair can sometimes fix your problem or a reinstall is required. but at least if you know you applied updates and then the software stopped working, you can isolate what change happened and contact your var. the developers can then evaluate that change and improve the software to work with it in the next service pack.

                    3. so i guess you're saying there is no h drive on your system? strange error if that is the case. you say it happened before and it was fixed by a service pack, i'd guess again going back to the above comment, you're applying changes that are inherently breaking the components that make solidworks work.


                    the pre-rec reinstallation guide is in the solidworks KB. but before you go there i'd go with a repair. that should be almost as good as a service pack install.

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                  Marcus Dos Reis



                  I encountered the same problem and managed to solve it. I opened Solid works and then under options opened add-ins and deactivated the flow simulation by deselecting both boxes.

                  when i opened the necessary file and hit rebuild, it didn't crash again.