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Cannot mesh and run Thickened feature.

Question asked by Tyson Hueppelsheuser on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2014 by Jared Conway

Im currently trying to create a Propane vessel for highway transport. I am unable to come up with a method of creating just the shell of the tank so that i can run some pressure simulations on it. the shell is 0.402" thick with a diameter of 85" with full hemispherical heads with a radius of 42.5" (half of the diameter.) **NOTE** these dimensions listed are to the outside wall of the tank so the thickness is being measured inwards. Whenever I would create the sketch and create an axis to do a surface revolve arount it would work correctly. Then I would thicken the Surface Revolve feature using the thicken tool to a thickenss of 0.0402". Open a new study in the simulation tab, and run a mesh and it would always fail saying it couldn't mesh Thicken feature. I then removed the thicken feature and mesh again and it would fail due to a zero/unidentified thickness.


any ideas as to a way of creating this tank so I can Do a propper simulation on it.



Thanks, Tyson