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Convert solid to sheet matal - BullBar

Question asked by Fred Vraj on Jul 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Fred Vraj

Hi everybody,

I have been trying to do a sheet metal for new bullbar ( 3 mm plate ) that must be redesigned but I have no idea how to do this one.

It has a radius of bend R90 in the middle  and the others are bends with radiuses 7 mm.

Please see photos and SW file if you like to help. The file Foto BULLBAR BACK shows the flange 40 mm long that is not seen on the photo BULLBAR FRONT.

I am still learning sheet metal solidworks and I can do a lots of things but this one is still a bit out of my league.

The file SW has the right measurements and it should all create 1 flat pattern after unfolding.

I have gone only as far as you can see.....:-(


Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!


PS: I am only doing this side part of the bullbar, not the whole bullbar.:-)


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