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    Google Sketch Up

    Pete Yodis
      Would be nice if we could import sketch up files. There are getting to be quite a few models available on http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/.

      Join me in submitting an enhancement request...

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          I agree, it would be wonderful. You would think SolidWorks could import the .skp files by now.
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            Designer Designer
            try to search skp cnverter out there...
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              Kevin Quigley
              How useful are they in reality though? SketchUp is a polygonal modeller and 99.99% of the Warehouse content is low poly at that. Don't get me wrong I love working in SketchUp, and combined with Hypershot it is awesome for retail design work. From SketchUp Pro you can export 3D DXF, .OBJ, VRML and .3ds and some others. Alibre made a big show of handling SketchUp models but how many people actually use it for serious production work?

              I can see a case (a strong case) for SketchUp export. All those architects using SketchUp and all those manufacturers making building components using SolidWorks would have a great facility to create libraries for SketchUp users.
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                Robert Lansdale

                I am asked this same question anywhere from 3 to 6 times every day since 1996. It is the #1 most mis-understood concept in the entire 3D graphics market. If you don't mind, let me chime in and provide a small snippet of the 5 page email I sent to each person every day.


                You can't do this because SolidWorks is a BREP solids modeler and SketchUp

                just uses very simple polygon meshes. You can't turn meshes into a proper solids

                model as you expect. It is like turning water back into an ice sculpture.


                It's become an even more rampant problem since the SketchUp software became

                popular back in 2010, as there's 25 million people all trying to use SketchUp

                as a MCAD modeller (which it is not). I do explain this problem in a slightly deeper manner

                online here:




                Most people on forums don't believe my comments but th t is due to lack of understanding about mesh vs. NURBS/solids data. There is no magic to importing mesh data into SolidWorks, and all those cheap plug-ins from India just pull the wool over your eyes.