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How to set recycle material in the Design

Question asked by Awanis Romli on Jul 11, 2014


I/m using sustainability module. I want to produce a product by using 50% of recycled material.

I want to ask, how we want to the recycle content for the material?

What I read in the SW help, it says that

Recycled contentPercentage of material that has been recycled. 

If the sustainability database contains primary (virgin), secondary (recycled), and trade mix (default mix of virgin and recycled content) values, the percentage of recyled content is shown. If these values are not available, the recycled content is 0%.

In SustainabilityXpress, the recycled content value is read-only.

In full Sustainability, you can edit the recycled content value if you have more precise information. The Use Trade Mix button lets you return to the database defaults.


My question, where can I find The Use Trade Mix button?


Many thanks.