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    Data Card Custom SolidEdge

    Adalto Junior



      I would like to learn if it is possible to put a custom variable in the solidedge data card as I did in the picture?


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          Jeff Sweeney

          Check out the topic: "Variable Mapping - Solid Edge Files" in the "Administration Guide"

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              Adalto Junior

              Mapping to Solid Edge Custom Properties

              This example describes how to map an Enterprise PDM variable to the Solid Edge property


              To map a variable to a Solid Edge custom property:

              1. In Solid Edge, view the property information for a file to determine the custom

              properties to map to.

              2. In the Enterprise PDM Administration tool, open the Edit Variable dialog box and

              create a variable named Accuracy.

              3. Click New Attribute.

              4. Under Selected attribute:

              a) For Block name, select Custom.

              b) For Attribute name, type Accuracy.

              c) Type the Solid Edge file extensions that contain this block, separated by commas.

              For example: dft, par, asm, psm, pwd.

              5. Click OK.

              6. In the Card Editor, open the Solid Edge file data card.

              7. Add an edit box and select the new Accuracy variable as the Variable name.

              8. Save the card and close the Card Editor.

              When a user adds a Solid Edge file to the vault, the control in the data card shows the

              value found in the Solid Edge file's custom properties.



              Do not exist a custom option.


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              Adalto Junior

              I managed to figure out how to do, you have to type in Custom block name.



              Thank you