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Priming and releasing a presurized gun barrel into air

Question asked by Greg Oberlin on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am relativly new to the solidworks flow simulation, although i have some experience with more traditional CFD codes. Let me set up the problem for you. I am trying to model gun muzzle blast through various devices attached to the muzzle. i have defined a custom gas with the properties of the gun propellant gas and i have experimental measurements of the conditions inside the barrel. What is traditionally done when using other CFD packages is the fluid inside the barrel is set to the conditions just before barrel exit and when the simulation starts since there is nothing holding the pressurized gas back the flow starts out of the muzzle and the blast is simulated. I am running a time dependant external analysis with the default fluid set to air. I included a few local mesh area with more dense meshing around smaller features that require smaller cells to refine the flow dynamics in these regions.


What i cant seem to figure out is how to setup the initial fluid subdomain inside the barrel such that i can define a starting pressure, velocity, temperature profile along the length of the barrel and release it upon starting the analysis.


Any help on setting this up would be greatly appreciated. I would like to set this up similar/ the same as how we run these sims using the other CFD codes so that the results can more directly be compared.