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    Probe Section Edge

    Paul Mark

      Hello all! I am running 2014 and have a simulation that I would like to probe the values for a linear cross-section through defined by the section plane and one face of the part. Is this still possible? I remember doing so in 2013 but it seems now I can only select individual points on the section plane and not a line or intersection of it with another face. Is it possible to probe whole section areas or borders of the same anymore? Thanks so much!


      EDIT: It seems like 2014 has lost its interpolation capability, since even when I set it up as a Workflow sensitive sensor of points defined by me, it only gives me node values.

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          Nicholas Luyster

          Hi Paul,


          I think it might be best to edit the geometry so that you have a "split line" at the location where you would like to probe.  That way, you'll get nodes along the split line.  Then, you should be able to use the "list selected" or "probe" features along that line. Selections for the probe will be at nodes unless you're using section clipping.


          Instructions on how to create a splitline can be found here: http://gosimulation.com/solidworks-selection-tools/


          All the best,


          Nick Luyster


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            Jared Conway

            List selected on edges and faces only work on model faces and edges


            So if you want to look at something specific, you need to split the model up first so they are selectable.


            Otherwise in a section, you can prove and then export as sensors. But these are manual picks.

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              Paul Mark

              Split lines are a nice tool to know about, but not a solution to this problem due to the complexities of the boundary conditions in the simulation and the requirement to reassign them all after creating split lines on the individual parts. I have tried setting up a Workflow dependent sensor, but the values for that are not interpolated to the desired points but are just nearby node locations.


              I guess this has become a feature request, in as much as interpolation capibilites for sensors would be nice as well as having the ability to likewise probe the edge of a section plane or possibly other arbitrary line, plane or volume in a model.

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                  Jared Conway

                  just to be clear, i'm suggesting splitting the body. i'm not sure if that helps or hurts your reassignment problem.


                  probe feature is always the node nearest by, same goes for list selected, so i'm not clear what you're looking for without improving the mesh.


                  how would you make the software know what to report on if there was nothing to select? what would the workflow look like? have you seen this in other software? the only thing i've ever seen is that a software will report every node in a region or selection. you could do that by exporting to excel and building a query. could it be in the software? sure. but most people have something to select i think.

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                      Paul Mark

                      Splitting the face does help by putting nodes on the split surface, and since I have defined the boundary conditions on the whole body and not a face it doesnt hurt the assignment. I havent tried splitting the body as a whole yet, and I worry that that will screw up the boundary condition assignment.


                      What I am looking for is the ability to select a section edge or face and have the software do a linear interpolation (hell, a cubic spline would be even better) between local nodes to get values on that edge or face. I dont want to have to click several hundred times to set sensors which are then only assigned values from nearby nodes and or whose positions can only be set by clicking and not defined precicely.


                      More specifically,I want to be able to define a set of points to probe the results at, say x,y,z: 1,0,0; 2,0,0; 3,0,0, and then get the values at those points. Not at neighboring points. Not at nearby nodes. At those points. They may be on a section edge, the face of a section, or arbitrary points that I desire.

                      Like how the "fringe options" can be set to "Continuous" instead of displaying distinct colors at each node - its doing a linear interpolation on the value for pixels that lay between nodes and then looking those up in a color table.