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Properties of Cables in Solidworks Routing

Question asked by Eddie Pellegrin on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Carlos Velez

So we are trying to use the "Link to Property" option on a note to link certain notes to routing properties. However, It appears that the routing properties aren't stored in the property tabs of the parts like other properties.


One property in particular that we are trying to link to a note is the "ConductorID" property. This property can be seen in the circuit summary table, so that tells me that it should be able to be pulled into the drawing via a note some way.


What's really interesting (as seen the the picture) is when you double-click the column to see which property is being used, it shows that it is the "ConductorID", but when you click the arrow to see all of the choices, "ConductorID" isn't even in the list.


How can we use and access these properties in a drawing, as we would regular properties.


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