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Compound Pattern

Question asked by Tyler Bragnalo on Jul 11, 2014
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Hi Folks.  This is my first post on this forum although I have read many posts over the years and appreciate all the great contributions made by all.

I have a conical solid body with saveral features (cuts, holes, etc. placed on a plane tangent to the outside conical surface.  I would like to pattern these features both linearly along this plane and radially around the centreline axis of the cone.  I am able to do one or the other but not both simultaneously.  I have attempted to do this with a curve driven pattern defined by a helix with increasing radius but have had problems with the features not maintaining a proper angular relationship.

Kind of hard to explain but I would appreciate any insights.  If I could do a circular pattern, then a linear move I could accomplish this, but I don't think I can move features...olny bodies. Thanks