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    Foreshortened Dimension in Section View. Diameter Too Large for View

    Matthew Kubiak

      I have seen a few threads on similar topics, but none that seem to solve my problem.


      I am redrawing a ring with a "V" cross section. The V is only about .06 tall, yet the diameter of the ring is ~1.5 inches. On the original drawing the diameter was dimensioned with a foreshortened leader stating the diameter, because I am redrawing, I can not change how any dimensions are annotated. So I understand this may not be the best way to draw this part, but I am stuck with it.


      I have tried moving a dimension to my section view, however that does not work. I have tried making the view longer, dimensioning the diameter, then reducing the size of the view and that did not work.


      Attached is a picture of the drawing view I am trying to replicate.