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    dangling dimension

    Sabari Vijayan

      what is dangling dimension and why it is creating

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          Glenn Schroeder

          A dangling dimension in a drawing occurs when changes to a model cause the dimension to lose it's reference.  It will turn a yellowish-brown color.  Sometimes you can click on the dimension to highlight it, click and drag on the red box at the end of the extension line, and re-attach it.  If not, the dimension will need to be deleted and re-inserted.

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              David Beard

              I have three similar assembly views in the same drawing (SWx 2014 SP 0).  Each of these assembly views has a cross-section view through the assembly center.  Each assembly is a configuration within a single SLDASM file.  The assembly is roughly tube shaped, so the assembly cross-section is roughly rectangular.  I added a reference dim to each of the views to show the distance between two components / sub-assemblies.  The dimensions show up as expected: SWx has no trouble solving the reference dimensions.  After I edit parts in the assemblies (parts that are unrelated to the reference dimension parts) and activate the assembly view sheets, or sometimes after I close and re-open the drawing, one or more of the dimensions lose their attachment to the model.  I correct this by dragging one of the dimensions attachment points to a model edge in the cross-section.  Lo and behold, an hour or so later I'll switch to the assembly drawing sheet, or close and re-open the drawing, and one or more of the dimensions has lost its attachment to the model again.


              Furthermore, detail views of the same problematic cross-sections also have dimensions to the some of the same model edges as the full cross-section dimensions, but these reference dimensions are to different edges within the assemblies.  These dimensions also lose their attachment to the model.  Ctrl-q doesn't fix the issue.  I suppose I could convert the views to sketches & dimension those, but I want the assembly views to always be synced with the model if anything changes.  Does anyone know what's happening and how to fix it?