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Optimum running conditions for solidworks?

Question asked by Daniel Pratt on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

I am looking at buying a PC whos primary use will be to run solidworks.  I am attempting to make an animated video currently with an assembly with aprox 1500 components.  The rendered video comes out very rough. It jumps and does NOT include all the components in the assembly (smaller components).  I do not want to skimp out on a pc as this is what is limiting me in my solidworks models.  Could anyone please shoot me some advice as to what i should be looking at so i am not restricted by the pc?  looking at a price range of $2000 give or take (not including monitor).


Also as a side note does solidworks normaly have any trouble with large animated assemblies or is it solely my pc that is the issue? 


Thanks for the advice!