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Linking to sheet properties on a different sheet.

Question asked by Josh Willis on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Jonathan Brolsma

I understand the hole linking to properties and custom properties, but I can't seem to figure out this.  I have a drawing with multiple sheets and plan on making the first sheet the index.  Basically a table with "drawing number," "sheet number," and "description" as the column headers.  What I am trying to do is link the sheet name ie "SW-Sheet Name" of each respective sheet to the "description" column on sheet 1.  This is, of course, easy with the first sheet, but is there any way to link to the names of the other sheets and add it to the table on sheet 1?


Ex. Sheet 1 is called "List of Drawings" so I linked row 1 in the description column to "SW- Sheet Name" which is the current sheet.  Sheet 2 is named "Input Power."  I would like to link this to row 2 in the description column.


If someone could point out if this is possible and corrent syntax I would be very appreciative.


Thanks in advance


Josh W.