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Cannot recreate failure at 54 Hz Dwell

Question asked by Travis Perullo on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello community,


I design aircraft fuel probes, and a design has mechanically failed on the vibration table during a half hour long 54 Hz dwell.


I am attempting to recreate this event in Solidworks Simulation so that we can verify our new design by analysis before going to the machine shop.


I have been trying to do this by first running a Dynamic study that I plan on importing into a Fatigue study.


Since it is a half hour test, I've created a curve with high level spikes (~1.6 m/s^2) from 0 to 97200.


Time Range: 0.01 to 92700, time increment 10 (I have tried much smaller, but it takes forever and inevitably fails).


I am experiencing a few different errors consistently.


During the dynamics calculation I'm often met with "Reaction Node not found in *.lcp file". I have no idea what this means, and can't find much reference to it on the internet.

The other error I get is "Solutions steps exceed the 15000 maximum". This is partly why I've used such a large increment, to try and get around this.


If anybody can offer some sage wisdom here, I (and my business) would thoroughly appreciate it.