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Sheetmetal Dimensions are not accurate

Question asked by Jay Cheong on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by Jeff Mirisola

I am unable to accurately dimension a sheetmetal piece in a SolidWorks Drawing. I am have never worked with sheet metal before so I would like to know if what might seem incorrect to me might actually be correct to someone in the industry. How is a sheetmetal piece supposed to be annotated, to make sure both the designer and manufacturer are communicating correctly?


Here is my problem:


In the attached file, EquationDimension.png, the box highlighted in orange is the exact dimension I want for the inside height of the box. The miterflange feature is set with the second option for flange position, "Material Outside", so I know the inside is accurate at least in the model. I even measured using the measuring tool.


When I go over to DrawingDimension.png, the box in orange is for the same measurement made in the drawing file. Below it is a smart dimension made in the model's global space. If I were to zoom in real close, the correct dimension is lines are somewhere that is non snappable, as shown in InconsistentDimensionSnapping.png.


If I could annotate all the dimensions inside the model, and import them to the drawing, there would not be a problem. Unfortunately, SolidWorks cannot.