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Working out a flat state from a fully formed part using gauge tables -interpolation

Question asked by Nick Hayman on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by Bernie Daraz

Evening all,


I am trying to work out the size of my flat state item using a gauge table.


I have a gauge table set up for different materials. Within each table I have shown different thicknesses.


We will take mild steel at 3mm as our example:

I have entered a value in the gauge table for a 90 degree fold and when sent to the workshop it has been confirmed that the flat state I have given them folds correctly into the fully formed item. The gauge table value I entered for 90 degrees is therefore correct.


Next step is to get the gauge table set up so that it will work out any fold degree entered. I believe this is called interpolation. The idea being that you enter a value for a few different fold angles and Solidworks can work out what the flat state will be at any fold angle.


So I have now set up my gauge table to work out 15, 90 and 145 degree folds. All of the above work. HOWEVER if I want an angle other that the ones I've entered it is incorrect. Which means that the interpolation isn't working correctly.


Can anyone help me with this? It's become very frustrating!


Many thanks