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Workstation specific design table editing bug....

Question asked by Roy Dean on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Roy Dean

So an intern has been frustrated over the last few days, due to a design table not displaying correctly in his drawing.


I finally decided to help him out, and in doing so noticed that the problem is only on HIS workstation.


Problem Description:

When he edits a design table (within solidworks), or displays the design table (in a drawing), the table is never "cropped" correctly (meaning, regardless of how he adjusts the table to display while editing within solidworks, the next time he opens it within solidworks part file or drawing file -  the table shows up incorrectly).   By "incorrect", I mean that rather than display columbs A through K, it displays rows J through Z (as an example).


Now, if I have him check it in, and I open and correct it on my machine, it shows up correctly.   I can then check it in, and when he opens it on his machine it again is displayed incorrectly.


This is extremely frustrating as ALL of our engineers need to be able to create part drawings....


Any advice?