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    sheet metal die Ghosting the strip layout in a drawing

    Stephen King


      Shown here is a view of a sheet metal die design in an assemby.



      Shown here is a Lower plan view of the assembly drawing, showing the Ghost strip. The strip is clear (Wire Frame) and creates no hidden lines behind it.

      I would like to use the strip that is already in the assembly (like what shown above) so that way the strip would be in place. I am not able to get the results I

      need by using a config or display state, I'm not saying it can't be done, just I hav'nt found a way, and maybe solidworks can't do it, I'm not sure.

      See last picture.



      The only way I found that works "kinda", is while your in drawing, bring the strip in thru model view.

      The big problem there is Aligning the strip exactly.


      Thank you