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    Many part simulation

    Paul Mark

      Hey all! I have a simulation that has 180 parts who have to have thermal loads defined independently and am hoping that there is a way to define them in a table or some such thing so that I don't have to manually set up and type in 180 values. Even if it was possible to merely import the parameter names and values I would manually create each thermal load, though I would like to control that as well obviously. Thanks for all your help!

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          Jared Conway

          not clear on what you're trying to do

          could you outline your analysis setup?


          i think you're asking if you can just create a table that says

          part - boundary condition


          this isn't possible

          similarly applying at the part level and having it "import" into the assembly is not possible


          in simulation you're going to have to make a selection for each boundary condition at least once

          but you could use a saved sim library feature to automate things a little bit (you don't have to select each, more like drag and drop)

          or once you do it once, you could link to a design study and then at least if you had to CHANGE later, you could do it quickly

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              Paul Mark

              I have 180 elements, 60 longitudinally and 3 radially, and each of those elements has a different heat load. I am trying to assign these heat loads to each part in a way that doesnt require me to click on "Heat Power", click on the correct part, click to set the value, type in the value, then click "OK" for 180 parts. Additionally, when the numbers change (and they will despite the fact that I have been assured they wont), I dont want to have to go back and change 180 different numbers. I will look into the sim library feature to automate things a bit, like you say; otherwise yes, I am looking to have a table which says "part":"heat flow in watts" and just have that import.


              I have tried to copy-paste the names and values into the "variables" in a Design Study which just results in Solidworks crashing. I do not want to sit and deal with that interface to type in each of 180 variable names and to select that they are simulation variables, though it will help me when I need to change the values inevitably.


              I assume doing so is possible if I learn how to code macros, but like you say, it seems impossible in standard Solidworks.


              Thanks for your response!