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Compare data card information from 2 vaults. (Update - 1 vault only)

Question asked by Brian Williams on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

I am currently a user for epdm, not an administrator. Our company is set up with 2 seperate vaults, the 1st vault is for document control which adds a lot of documents as "place card holders" with the status of "waiting for submittal". The second vault is where a lot of the files are actually captured. So esentially we can have almost 2 identical files (exept for file name) where one is "waiting for submittal" and the other is the actual document.


I cannot go into reasons why the system is setup this way, I believe it has to deal with permissions and workflow rights. Anyway, I would like to find a simple way to scrub the 2 vaults and eliminate the "place card holders" for files that have already been captured. I would need to compare file codes and information related on the Data Cards to accomplish this. I've tried to export reports into excel and manipulate the data, but this task is not easy. I have a strong belief that this software is more powerful than we know and that we just lack the experience needed to do this within epdm.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please help make me smarter than the people who administrate this software


UPDATE: I recently discovered that we are working only in 1 Vault, just different folders. Still should be a way to compare and identify duplicated data cards, right?