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How to create a uniform surface between 2 angled sketches

Question asked by Tushar Morabkar on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Tushar Morabkar

I'm trying to create a handle for a pan-like object that is of uniform thickness but flares as it approaches the base. I also need a straight, uniform hole to be cut into the handle that will exit out into the bottom of the pan (the exit hole needs to be very close to the inside floor of the pan). However when I make such cut, it veers off course and makes unintened cuts into the handle. This is due to the way I designed my handle but I'm not sure how to fix it and need help. I attached my current file here. Thanks!


Bonus question: How would I go about making a fillet type thing underneath the handle near the base so that it would be easy to grip? For this I have absolutely no clue and would appreciate help.