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    Solidworks for a student

    Khalid Ismail



      I read through the post with "March 2014 suggested specs" but had a few questions as I will need to do some fea and rendering.


      Basically I am starting year two of an engineering degree as I launch a second career. I will be doing a fair amount of projects on solidworks from now on and would like to have a computer at home that I can use. I know I will need to do some fea and will need to render stuff for my projects and I also know that I will be using the student version of solidworks that I can get from school.


      Beyond that I don't know much but would like to learn. I've never built a computer before but am quite happy to do so for this one. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Let me know what other information I would need to consider or any other questions so I can help you help me.

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          J. Mather

          Do you have a question?

          Are you asking what computer you should purchase?

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              Khalid Ismail

              Hrm sorry about that. Between posting late last night and being on my phone I guess I forgot to include the point of the post. I'd like to build a computer to use at home but the recommended specs thread said to post a new topic if you will use fea or do any rendering. I don't have a set budget quite yet as I'm only starting to look at this but most likely around 1000-1500.

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                  Jerry Steiger



                  It sounds like you will be doing "some" fea and "some" rendering. In that case, building a good SolidWorks machine will probably be good enough. The main difference between SolidWorks and FEA and rendering is that SolidWorks doesn't use multiple cores much, but FEA and rendering, especially rendering, do. That can make the best choice for a rendering machine, with more, but slower, cores not the best choice for SolidWorks, where fewer, but faster, cores is best. For a machine costing $1000-1500, you're probably not going to be looking at a large number of cores anyway. I would follow Charles' advice for his suggested machine. Feel free to ask your question in that thread as well, as you are not looking for a machine exclusively dedicated to FEA or rendering.


                  Jerry S.