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Solidworks for a student

Question asked by Khalid Ismail on Jul 9, 2014
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I read through the post with "March 2014 suggested specs" but had a few questions as I will need to do some fea and rendering.


Basically I am starting year two of an engineering degree as I launch a second career. I will be doing a fair amount of projects on solidworks from now on and would like to have a computer at home that I can use. I know I will need to do some fea and will need to render stuff for my projects and I also know that I will be using the student version of solidworks that I can get from school.


Beyond that I don't know much but would like to learn. I've never built a computer before but am quite happy to do so for this one. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Let me know what other information I would need to consider or any other questions so I can help you help me.