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    Add custom scene to favorites?

    Robert Tupa

      I've can't add a custom scene to my favorites.  My scene name as an asterisc.  Does that have something to do with it?  See attached video.

      I'm on Professional 2014 x64 SP4.0.



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          Jerry Steiger



          Most likely. Can't you just rename your favorite to something without an asterix?


          Jerry S.

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              Robert Tupa

              The asterisk is added by SolidWorks for some reason in the "Manage Favorite Scenes" dialog. I set it as my default scene.  So, I figure that's what the asterisk is denoting.  But, that shouldn't preclude me from being able to check the box and have it available for quick selection. 


              I normally work with my "Tupa" scene but switch to plain white when doing screen captures.  I'd like to toggle between the two quickly.   This is driving me nuts.  I tried editing the scene and resaving.  No luck.