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2014 Upgrade, Equations Not Updating

Question asked by Paul Hitchcock on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by Paul Hitchcock

I am having two problems relating to equations not updating properly since upgrading to 2014 from 2013.


  1. The first has to do with a custom property, named "ID". This is a property derived from the file name. In my example I have part 9999-99.101. The equation is written into the file template to use the value "101" (or any other part number after the first period, we use 101 through 999 for part files). As of the update this equation no longer updates unless I open the equation manager manually, hit ok and exit. It used to just work on a rebuild. To see this problem you would have to save this part out as 9999-99.102 and see that it is not updating. I realize there is an "error" on the syntax, it showed as such in 2013 as well. I believe it has something to do with it being written in VBA and the equation manager does not like this language. Equation had to be placed in the template with a macro for editing equations, which is also attached.
  2. My second problem, also relating to equation updating, can be seen on the chamfer feature included in the sample part. Parts are cut from CNC and when an angle is required on the edge of a part, it is manually cut. Production requires an additional 1/4" of matieral on the edge that is being cut. I have accomplished this in the past by the chamfer feature cut distance formulated by "E=("THICK" / TAN(D2@CHAMFER)) +.25"   This allows me to adjust the angle and thickness of the part and have the 1/4" cut back automatically. As of the 2014 update, the equation seems to be updating correctly in the Equation Manager if I make any chances to the angle or thickness, but has no affect on the model until i manually edit this feature, ie change one letter of the equation (delete and remove a space for example) and hit okay. Only then will the model update.



Can anyone give me some guidance on why these problems are happening? I would really appreciate it as this upgrade has been anything but, putting me many hours behind every week, I am hoping there is a setting somewhere linking rebuild to equations.


Thanks for your time,