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Solidworks User Experience

Question asked by Andrew Miller on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder

I'm running SW 2012 SP 5 and am extremely unhappy. Today's experience is representative of a typical day of using the software:


1. Opened an assembly, one component had a new translucent green appearance attached to the body. I opened the part and found no such appearance defined. I tabbed back to the assembly and found that appearance was gone and it showed up in its defined grey opaque color.

2. Opened a sketch and found that half of the views reflected the old part reference and half reflected the new. Rebuild and open part had no effect. Problem was resolved when I switched view from lines hidden to wireframe and back again.

3. Opened a sketch and found that mouseover no longer highlights a feature. Restarting Solidworks has no effect.

4. One CTD


Why do these major, obvious problems persist year after year and service pack after service pack? The only three options are:


1. Dessault has no QA department (I empathize in that case).

2. Dessault engineers are too stupid to fix problems reported by QA.

3. Dessault management is too greedy and shortsighted to let engineers fix the problems.