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    How do I dimension rounded edges from top views?

    Nick Poweruser

      I am trying to dimension the diameter of the outermost edge of the top view of the part attached.


      Note that the outermost edge is rounded.


      SHIFT+CLICK will not stick onto the edge, I have tried many of the tricks up my sleeve but to no avail.


      Any Ideas?

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          Jeremy Feist

          shouldn't just clicking on the edge (while in the dim tool) give you the diameter dim?


          also, the hatching at hte view border suggests that the view is out of date and needs to be rebuilt - that may be interfering with your selection.

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            Nick Poweruser

            Got it figured out turns out I just needed to rebuild

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              Lenny Bucholz

              if you dimension the outer edge with the smart dim tool, then go to the properties of the dim and you can change the style form a radus leader to a linear leader.


              Dimension Leaders PropertyManager


              In the Dimension Leaders PropertyManager, you can specify the display of dimensions. If you select multiple dimensions, only the properties that apply to all the selected dimensions are available.

              Witness/Leader Display

              The type of arrows and leaders available depends on the type of dimension selected.

              Arrow PlacementYou can specify placement of arrows with respect to the dimension extension lines: Outside PM_arrow_outside_dim.gif, Inside PM_arrow_inside_dim.gif, Smart PM_arrow_smart_dim.gif, Directed Leader PM_Directed_Leader.gif.

              Smart specifies that arrows automatically appear outside of extension lines if the space is too small to accommodate the dimension text and the arrowheads.

              A Directed Leader can be oriented at any angle with respect to the surface of the feature and can be placed in an annotation plane parallel to the feature axis.

              Circular arrowhead handles dim_arrow_handle_circle.gif appear on dimension arrows when you select dimensions. The pointer changes to Pointer_Arrowhead_Direction.gif when it is over the arrowhead handles. When you click on arrowhead handle (either handle if there are two for the dimension), the arrows flip outside or inside.

              Ordinate chainSelect to chain ordinate dimensions.
              StyleYou can choose separate styles for each arrow when there are two arrows for a dimension. This feature supports the JIS dimensioning standard. Two lists appear in the Dimension PropertyManager only when separate styles are specified by the dimensioning standard.
              Radius PM_Radius_WitnessLeader.gifSpecifies that the dimension on an arc or circle displays the radius.
              Diameter PM_Diameter_WitnessLeader.gifSpecifies that the dimension on an arc or circle displays the diameter.
              Linear PM_Linear_WitnessLeader.gifSpecifies the display of a diameter dimension as a linear dimension (not radial).


              Foreshortened PM_Foreshortened_WitnessLeader.gifSpecifies that the radius dimension line is foreshortened (broken). This is helpful when the centerpoint of a radius is outside of the drawing or interferes with another drawing view.

              Use the dimension handles to reposition the center and bends.

              If you move a diameter dimension into a view where it does not fit, it is foreshortened. dim_foreshortened2.gif

              When you dimension to a foreshortened radius or diameter, the dimension also appears as a zigzag.


              Solid Leader PM_SolidLeader_WitnessLeader.gifSpecifies the display of a solid line across the circle for radial dimensions. Not available with ANSI standard.
              Open Leader PM_OpenLeader_WitnessLeader.gif
              One Arrow / Solid Leader PM_OneArrowSolidLeader.gif
              One Arrow / Open Leader PM_OneArrowOpenLeader.gif
              Two Arrows / Solid Leader PM_TwoArrowsSolidLeader.gif
              Two Arrows / Open Leader PM_TwoArrowsOpenLeader.gif
              Perpendicular to Axis PM_PerpendicularToAxis.gif(Available if you select Linear PM_Linear_WitnessLeader.gif for a radial dimension)
              Multi-jog Leader PM_dim_Leader_Multijog.gif(Available for diameter, radius, and chamfer dimensions and hole callouts)
              Parallel to Axis PM_ParallelToAxis_WitnessLeader.gif(Available if you select Linear PM_Linear_WitnessLeader.gif for a radial dimension)
              Dimension to inside of arcSpecifies that the dimension arrow is inside the arc. Use this option in combination with the Arrows setting (either Inside or Outside) to meet your drawing standards.


              Dimension to inside ON

              Arrows set to outside

              Dimension to inside OFF

              Arrows set to outside

              Use document second arrowSpecifies that a diameter dimension (not displayed as linear) with outside arrows follows the document default setting for a second arrow.

              To specify the document default setting, select Display second outside arrow in one of the following:

              To override the document default, clear Use document second arrow, then select Display second outside arrow to turn the arrow display on or off.
              Second arrow ONSecond arrow OFF


              Use document bend lengthUses the value for Bent leader length in Document Properties - Dimensions. When cleared, you can specify the dimension bent leader length. Type a value in the box.
              Extend bent leader to textIf selected, this option specifies that shoulders of bent leaders for radius, diameter, chamfer, and hole callouts meet and align with the end of the text in the appropriate line of text.
              • Left- and right-sided leaders set to Top Justify center to the top line of text in the dimension.




              • Left- and right-sided leaders set to Bottom Justify center to the bottom line of text in the dimension.




              If this option is cleared, the shoulders of bent leaders stop at the dimension text bounding box.

              To set a default option, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions. Under Bent leaders, select Extend to text.


              Leader Style



              Break Lines

              Break LinesSelect for the dimension and extension lines to break when crossing other dimension or extension lines in drawings.
              You can choose for the extension lines to break only when crossing arrowheads. See Document Properties - Dimensions and select Break only around dimension arrows.





              When the dimension lines are broken, they break around lines that are nearby. If a dimension is moved significantly, it may not break around the new nearby dimensions. To update the display, unbreak the dimension lines and then break them again.

              Use document gapUses the value in Document Properties - Dimensions.
              GapEnter a value if you do not use the document default.
              Break extension linesBreaks extension lines around dimension lines and other extension lines.
              Break dimension lineBreaks the dimension line around other dimension lines and other extension lines.


              Custom Text Position

              Solid Leader, Aligned TextPM_SolidLeader_AlignedText.gif
              Broken Leader, Horizontal TextPM_BrokenLeader_HorizText.gif
              Broken Leader, Aligned TextPM_BrokenLeader_AlignedText.gif


              See Dimension Leaders/Text for more dimension icons.


              Arc Condition

              You can set how to dimension between arcs or circles.

              First or Second arc conditionSelect Center, Min, or Max. When you are dimensioning distances to arcs or circles, the following options are available:
              • First Arc Condition specifies where on the arc or circle the distance is measured.
              • Second Arc Condition specifies where on the second item the distance is measured, when both items are arcs or circles.
              In these examples, the First arc condition is Center, and the Second arc condition is set as noted.
              Center (default)Min (closest point)Max (farthest point)