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    gaps around doors

    perry leets

      when modeling something like a car door, I use a split line to break out the surface that represents the door from the rest of the model. This works just fine but you can't really see the door because there is no gap between it and its surroundings like there is in a real product.

      So my question is what is the best way to achieve this gap? should I just build it into my split line sketch then delete the small 2mm strip that will be running around the edge of the door? Or would it be best to isolate the door and add a ruled surface perpendicular to the door edge, offset it a couple mm's then use the offset surface as a trim tool?

      Or perhaps there is a better method?




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          Eric Irwin

          The split line, with 2mm offset and delete face, would work fine in most cases, but it depends on a few things.  First, does the door wrap around (say along the roof line or rocker panel), which might make creating a consistent gap difficult with your average split line feature.  In this case, your second idea of the ruled surface, offset surface, and trim would work much better.  This also allows you to get a fillet along the profile on both the body and door, which will render much more realistically.


          If you don't have the wrap issue and you aren't looking up close in a rendering, then the offset split line and delete face might look just fine.


          I'm sure there are other ways to approach this, but these 2 methods seem somewhat acceptable.