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Wrap tiling around a curve

Question asked by Nikita Werth on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by Jamil Snead

Hi to all


My project:

I'm using SW 2014 to create a front desk design but this desk has sort of S-curve shape


Quick sample render below



Now for the front of the design I need to place "tiling" (Thin metal squares with small gaps in between that need to cover the entire front curve)

The wrap feature works perfectly except for my exact situation.

Since not all curves (on the front face) face the same plane thus I would need to wrap each part of the curve individually which wouldn't work because then the tiles wouldn't match up.


Image example below showing one "tile" (using the wrap feature)


There is that one face I can't select which means I can't use the wrap feature on the entire to solve my issue (or so I think)


Then I thought I'd calculate the total length of the curve and draw a flattened out version

and then lay out my "tiles"


The curve it needs to bend along is shown below. But now I'm stuck and don't know what to do further.

Don't know if I can even achieve what I want to achieve this way...

I know only sheet metal can bend so I have a problem ,would I have to resort to "cheating"?


My structure and way of working is unorganized since I'm very new to SW and this is my first project.

Is SW capable of what I want to do and how do I go about doing it?

And on another note after the "tileing" is in place, I want to put a company logo that is cut out of perspex ontop of the tiling but that I think I can use the wrap feature since

it's only a section of the curve.


Any help and advice will be really appreciated.


Thought maybe it's better if I attach my file



Seems that the wrap feature is the best option but it does the job half way...

Any way I can fix this? (Ref. Part_FrontDesk_FrontCurve_02)

Three sections of a face with no wrap




The Easiest method for me was to "Fit to spline" and then wrap the tiles around the curve

but I'd like to learn how to convert the edges and then use the curve driven method as well.

Attached is the 1.curve without tiles

and the second file is the 2."fit to spline" and then wrap feature method.


Now the problem is putting the logo ontop of my design

Below is a rough layout of how it's going to look (The tile layout is incorrect)

The "Warm pot steaming" is going to be perspex and same with the logo text (CookBook Studios)

The huge two red blocks behind the steaming pot is not perspex infact its just colored tiles that form the two squares behind the perspex.

There is three different perspex parts the black perspex that forms the text and then the red that forms parts of the "Warm pot steaming" and lastly the rest of the "Warm pot steaming" is a dark red perspex which is going to join with the red perspex.

And again the red blocks are colored tiles behind the perspex (4 tiles create one block)


Attached is .DXF file of logo

and as you can see the logo is to the one side, indicating it's on the longest curve.


I want to thank those you replied again for all their help, now I can see where I went wrong and learn where to go from there onwards.

I wish I could of picked more than one correct answer since you all have given me correct answers.

Really appreciate it


BTW the desk is looking amazing