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Simulation jumps to Large Problem Direct Sparse solver

Question asked by Carel Kriek on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by Carel Kriek

Hi, I am trying to solve a linear static study with a couple of defined contact sets defined as no-penetration with node-to-surface option checked. About twenty bolt connectors are used in the study. Degrees of freedom are 109,698, Number of nodes are 35,327 and number of elements are 21,933. My problem is twofold:


a. the solver remains on Current task: Solving for contact restraints (it just remains there for hours with no warnings)

b. The solution jumps automatically to solver type: Large Problem Direct Sparse. (I cannot get it to run the FFEPlus solver or the Direct Sparse solver even if I try to set it that way)


It is very simple geometry basically consisting out of two bolted together flanges. One flange with fixed restraints and the other flange with applied force and torque.


When I terminate the solver and save, I do get some results that look like what I expect but obviously cannot be trusted since the solver was interrupted.


My machine is a Dell T7500 with 64 GB RAM.


Can anybody help with a) and b) above? I will really appreciate!






PS. See attached file for the message I get after running the study.


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