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Gaps between adjacent surfaces normal?

Question asked by Andre Cardadeiro on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by Andre Cardadeiro

I have my Document Properties->ImageQuality-> Shaded and Draft options to the highest setting, reducing tessellation.  But, when modeling two complex surfaces next to each other (using one edge of the first surface as one of the boudaries for the second surface), and I zoom in real well, I'll notice the shaded surface doesn't line up with that surface's edge.  Is there a graphic limitation in Solidworks to visually produce tight surface "fills" right up to the surface edge? 


Obviously, if I dial back the Shaded resolution, it gets much worse.  I have fairly high end graphics and computer hardware.  (SW 2013 SP5)


What I notice is that Knit Surface will then display that a Gap is found between these two surfaces, and I can see it as well, but only when zoomed in quite a bit.  Why would Solidworks allow a gap between two surfaces who supposedly share one side?  Is this also a limitation of SW, requiring the use of Knit Surfaces often to create water-tight surfaces?


Or, are there additional settings I can adjust?