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Long Saves Across Network

Question asked by Jason Swackhamer on Mar 6, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2007 by Jason Swackhamer
To all-

Have a case open with our VAR regarding this problem:

Saving files to our windows 2000 server from SWX 2007 (sp2.2) takes forever. That this is not a network problem, is demonstrated by the fact that we can open the files in swx and copy the files using windows explorer without any slowdown. But when saving from inside swx, it takes forever--too long to be practical. I've ended up having to work locally which I do not like.

I think the problem surfaced with swx2007, but I can't be sure since it took me awhile to recognize that there's a major problem here. Saving from the same file from the same computer using both swx2006 and swx2007 does show a speed difference, but I haven't had time to really quantify it.

Our VAR suggests that this problem is a result of using win2000 server, which solidworks stopped recommending with swx2007.

We are a small company, and upgrading our server is not a minor undertaking. We would like to avoid having to do this if at all possible, and my fear is that after doing this, we'll still have the same problem.

My question is, does anyone else's experience support or contradict this advice?

Thanks in advance,

-Jason S.