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    Tom Mathieson
      Hi All,can anyone explain this latest glitch... i have a sketch that is related to three rollers, one that pivots. i need to know the amount of contact at various point of pivoting. i set this up and it worked fine. then all of a sudden, when i move the rollers, the sketch doesn't update, but no errors are given. it says that the arc is "on edge' of the roller, but it's 6" away. then, it might update, but when i move the roller back to the open position, the sketch doesn't update there!!!!!very frustrating. i've tried Ctrl-Q, over and over, and over....thanks for ay help
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          Charles Culp
          I'm not sure I follow your intentions, however you have to exit thesketch, and "CTRL-Q" in the assembly, to get everythingto update.  if you just CTRL-Q with the sketch open (andreally, while "editing" the part), then it will onlyrebuild the part you have open.

          I will also generally not advise constraining a sketch to a movingpart in an assembly, Solidworks gives you a warning when you tryand do that for a reason.  But, it can serve it's purpose,depends what your intentions are...
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              Tom Mathieson

              i Crtl-Q in the assembly, after exiting the sketch and thepart.
              SW didn't give me any warnings...
              the reason i have the sketch "in-context" and related tothe moving , i.e. swinging rollers, is that i need to know how muchof the film contacts the application roller at various positions ofengagement, as the contact area is critical.  i also need toknow how much i need to swing the roller to completely clear theapplication roller also.

              i do have it working though.  too much typing to explain itall, but basically broke my sketch into two separate ones

              thanks thought for the input