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    Solidworks window fails to redraw when Maximized.

    Jacob Corder

      I have an addin that is causing the solidworks window to fail to redraw. when your click the restore,minimize,maximize buttons in the top right of the window, the redraw fails. the more you minimize or restore,  and maximize the worse it gets.


      when the window state is set to restore, the problem completely goes away, but when maximized is selected, then the problem comes back.


      When the addin is unloaded, the problem stays until a reboot.


      I have disabled my command managers, and the problem still exists.


      I have tried calling System.Windows.Forms.DoEvents and the problem still exists.


      Any idea on what types of things can cause this.

      Thanks for your help.

      I can post code if needed but its a huge add-In.


      I am looking for types of things that could possibly not allow solidworks to repaint itself.


      It is only the top Menu Bar that is affected.


      The buttons become not useable as it seems there is an image overlayed on top of the top bar.