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Large assembly and mates problem. Is it me or computer?

Question asked by Kyle Rupprecht on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hello Everyone,


I’d first like to say that I am a new member to the forums and figured it would be beneficial to give a back ground on what my company does with SolidWorks.

We design and build new and expansions onto our regional Feed and Grain plant facilities so we are working on the large scale. We work with multiple different vendors constantly filling in those early stage blanks which causes my components to change, sometimes a lot and others not so much. The largest factor in our computer performance is we use real component dimensions to get us the most accurate display and parts list for material handling equipment, piping, and elbows to maintain proper degree for flow.

The most recent facility design is giving me the most pain with the mates being fine and then doing small changes to parts or sub-assemblies. We are also fighting with the IT Department to get us better computers to work with SolidWorks and we are stumped trying to figure out if it is the assemblies and how they are built, or if its lack of computer performance so attached will also be computer break down.

To make the Assembly to this point I have needed to suppress a large portion of the assembly to allow it to mate properly and I would just get yellow over defined errors but now with more detailing with equipment in other areas its setting off the red errors. I’ve already experimented with deleting some red error mates to the point where it is back to Under Defined status and nothing is confined anymore.

If there is any help with this please help me figure this out because it is driving me insane.

Assembly information breakdown is as fallowed:

File Size of 4.26 MB

Total number of components – 572

Parts – 552

Sub-Assemblies – 20

Mates – 876

Large Assembly mode is set at 50 due to computer performance.


Computer information:

Lenovo Think Station S20

Intel Xeon E45607 @2.2 GHz

(4) 2 Gig Ram sticks

Operating windows 7 64 Bit

Using SolidWorks 2013 SP5