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What are the "complete" detection conditions for EPDM tasks?

Question asked by Daniel McRae on Jul 6, 2014



We have EPDM set up to perform tasks on files as part of several state changes of drawings - create a pdf of the drawing and also create a sheet metal flat pattern file (if the drawing is of a sheet metal part). Our flat pattern task was modified from the convert task with ability to check that the referenced model of a drawing is sheet metal, and if it is, save the sheet metal flat pattern out as a DWG file for use elsewhere.


Previous versions of thein built EPDM task add-in detected success by a call to SaveAs succeeding, but it seems that the current version doesn't behave the same way. We used to save out a dummy file in a temporary location to trick the task into thinking it had succeeded if the drawing wasn't of a sheet metal part. Because this no longer tells the task that it succeeded, on non-sheet metal parts, the task fires up again and again, trying to succeed.


What are the conditions that makes EPDM think that SW has succeeded in the task? How do we fool it? I'd rather not create a file with the correct name as I'd have to immediately delete it, but if this is the only way that works, I'll implement it that way.